Responsible travel and tourism

Kivulii Responsible Travel And Tourism Policy

Kivuli’s definition of Responsible Travel and Tourism is:’The use of tourism for good which benefits, the communities we visit, minimizing the negative side effects of our tourism footprint to both the destination and the environment’.

We believe that life-enhancing travel on your Tanzania safari is not just about seeing a place, but in experiencing a place, its people, its cultures, and its food and ways of life. It is only right that when we enjoy the benefits of tourism, we should do so responsibly, by ensuring that we are not contributing to the exploitation of either people or the environment. We should also be participating in ‘fair trade’ practices which benefit those who work so hard to make our experiences overseas so great, that we are contributing to the sustainable economic development of the communities who host us, and that we are respectful towards and assist in the maintenance of all hosting cultures.

Customs And Cultures

Kivulii believes that tourists should have an awareness of, and respect for, the culture, history, beliefs and practices of the destinations they visit.
All sites of religious or cultural significance should be respected, regardless of the religion represented.


Supporting Local Economies

We encourage our customers whilst on their Tanzania safari to support the local economy of the destination by purchasing goods and services locally.
Visiting local street stalls where possible and buying locally made souvenirs from markets helps to boost the surrounding economy.

We require our agents and hotels to observe environmentally sustainable practices, including limiting pollution, sound water management, recycling of glass and paper, and the sourcing of materials and foods locally wherever possible.

Whilst on your Tanzania safari, please consider the environment around you, be responsible, and minimize the impact you leave behind.

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