Ruaha National Park with Kivulii safari

RUAHA NATIONAL PARK with Kivulii safari – An Unspoiled Wilderness Tanzania safari experts Kivulii
African elephant Ruaha National Park


Ruaha National Park with Kivulii safari

Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania. In 2008 the Usangu Game Reserve and several other wetlands were added to make it over 20,200 square kilometres in size.

The park is situated just over 120Km west of Iringa, and its name derives from the Great Ruaha River situated in the south-eastern side of the park.

This area of the park is popular for game viewing.

The park is noted for its large population of elephants, with estimated close to 10,000 roaming the park.

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More than 571 species of birds have been identified in the park.

Among the resident species are Hornbills, Kingfishers, and Sunbirds. Many migratory birds visit the park, including the white stork.

Other noted animals in Ruaha are the African Wild Dog and the Sable Antelope.

Rhinoceros unfortunately have not been sighted since 1982 and are thought to be extinct now due to poaching.

Hippo in Ruaha National Park. Kivulii safaris



Germany gazetted the Saba Game Reserve in 1910. Brit ish colonial authorities changed the name to the Rungwa Game Reserve in 1946. In 1964, the southern portion of the reserve was excised and elevated to full park status. The most recent addition to the park was the former Usangu Game Reserve in 2008


Ruaha National Park with Kivulii safari

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How To Have a Good Budget Safari In Tanzania

Family of African elephants (Loxodonta africana), Tanzania.

Making the most of your vacation, and your vacation budget, nowadays is becoming more and more a necessity. Rising costs everywhere we turn means we are struggling to save as much as we’d like, and I’m sure we’d all like to save enough to have a really good holiday.

Here are a few tips on how to have a good safari vacation in Tanzania, without breaking the bank too much!

Firstly, Visitors visas for International visitors can be bought on arrival at the airport in Tanzania, for much less than those applied for prior to travel. Visas on arrival cost $50, whereas pre-arranged visas from embassies and visa agents (depending on which country you are applying in) can cost double or more.

Plan your trip before you arrive
Try to plan your trip completely from the moment you arrive, to your return to the airport.
Having spare days can cost, and with hotels in towns costing more and more, it is something worth avoiding. If you do want some spare days relaxing at the beach, plan it for after your safari. That way you don’t have a car and driver waiting around costing you every day.
See Here for safari and beach package examples

Where to go and what to do
The big question! Of course we all want to go on safari and see some wildlife, Tanzania is famous for it, and game viewing is a must if you’ve never been up close to larger than life animals before. Even if you have, its always great to see.

A safari can however become quite expensive very quickly. Add together park fees, driver and car hire, game lodge costs, food and drinks, etc etc, it doesn’t take long to add up.

Luckily, most tour operators offer safari packages, with some also offering different levels of accommodation, which can reduce prices quite a bit.
See Here for some examples.
Its easy to check what the accommodations are like, by just typing their name into Tripadvisor, where you’ll get to read comments and reviews from people who’ve stayed there already.

Public transport
Public transport is also an option, if you would like to plan your own trip, but not for the feint hearted. The standard of driving in Tanzania leaves a lot to be desired. Buses overtaking on blind bends are the norm, and accidents unfortunately happen regularly.

Self drive
Self drive is another good safari option, with 4×4 cars available for hire, all fitted with pre-programmed GPS that can take you anywhere you want. They can come complete with camping gear too should you with to sleep under the African sky!
See Self Drive Safaris for more info

Tanzania is an amazing country, with so much to see and enjoy, I’m sure you’ll be back for more.


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As the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This is one of those journeys. It has been a constant work in progress and now we are delighted we have reached the end of this journey for our new website to be launched.

Its 20 years living in Tanzania, we at Kivulii are certain we can show you the unique wonders of this beautiful country. From seeking out rare bird species with professional guides, to getting up close and personal with the abundant wildlife, or just relaxing on the amazing white sandy beaches of the Indian ocean coastline, we’ll tailor make your trip to suit both your expectations and budget. Tell us what you’d like and leave the rest to us ([email protected]).

We are delighted to show you our journey and we hope you enjoy reading our experiences as we continue to develop the relation.

We look forward to sharing more adventures along our journey.

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